Get outside of touristy Opatija to the quiet fishing village of Volosko and on up the road to Lovran

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Terrain: concrete path
  • Length: 12km from end to end (Volosko to Lovran)
  • Flow: Mostly good flow, but some spots you had to go around something and there was a little construction at the time we went
  • Scenery: Ocean views and views of the towns and the surrounding hills.
  • Safety Issues:  None
  • Bathrooms: Not sure
  • Drinking water: No
  • Transit Access: n/a
  • Parking: Yes along the route.
  • Night Access: Yes (not sure about lighting or safety)
  • Special Features: Get out of busy Opatije to the scenic fishing village of Volosko
  • Nearby Attractions:  Maiden with the Seagull statue and Some sites along the promenade

We had been in Croatia for a while by the time we got to Opatija and honestly I wasn’t very impressed. Busy and touristy, it’s just not my kind of town. However, I was travelling with my parents and they needed to be there for work so I was stuck and had to make the best of it. It wasn’t horrible or anything… I was just so spoiled from the amazing beauty and tranquility of I had experienced in the rest of Croatia that I wasn’t prepared for the inauthentic touristy vibe: hotels lined the main area where tourists filled crowed swimming areas and shopped in souvenir shops. However, the sea itself was captivating, and as soon as I saw the path along the sea, known locally as the Lungomare (coastal promednade) I knew we had to run it.

Opatija 1

I could see the promenade from my hotel room…

Opatija 5

In fact, everywhere I went I could see the sea and the lovely promenade path beside it…

Located along the edge of the main part of town, it is easy to find the popular seawall path. In fact if you go to see the popular Maiden with a Seagull, you are there! All of the towns that line the promenade are built along the sea, so it’s not hard to find the path. There is ample access, and parking in the towns along the way. If you are staying in any of the local hotels, you are likely in short walking distance of the Lungomare.


The Lungomare has a long history. It was built in the later 1800s in sections, and finally completed in 1911. It was built to encourage health tourism in the area, and indeed it is very popular with the tourists today, many of whom come for some rest and relaxation by the seaside.

The scenery is beautiful. Following the sea, you can watch the swimmers, the boats and look out into the endless blue. We started in the heart of Opatija right by the famous Madien with the Seagull statue and followed the path north. The towns change as you run, and it is interesting to watch the touristy streets of Opatija melt away into the tranquil 18th century fishing village of Volosko. I felt like I was stepping back in time as I watched the men drinking in a seaside café and working on the boats in the harbor. We didn’t make it up the other way, choosing to do a quick 4km out and back as its about 2km from Opatija to Volosko, but I am told that the entire promedane is 12km (from Volosko to Lovran), so it would be possible to do a decent run here.


The path is concrete, and there are some walkers and bicyclists to contend with, but overall the flow was good where the path is good. We did come into some parts with some construction or obstacles that had to be circumnavigated but these were minor interruptions. We did not have to cross any roads or deal with any car traffic at all.


This is not somewhere I would come just to run (personal preference) but if you are here it is worth running. It is beautiful and definitely a real slice of life in this coastal area. Any path that has celebrated its 100 year birthday is probably worth checking out! And while Opatija was not my favourite place in Croatia, it’s a country with so much to offer, it makes the standard higher! Check out my other Croatia runs, soon to be posted!