Where to Train in Sarasota, Florida

Running Circles on the Track at Payne Park, Sarasota Florida


A happy runner on the track at Payne Park

A happy runner on the track at Payne Park

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Terrain: Well-groomed clay circle track
  • Length: As long as you want (in circles!)
  • Flow: Perfect!
  • Scenery: Palm trees, grass and flowers
  • Safety Issues: Perfectly safe
  • Bathrooms: Never used one but probably some at Payne Park skateboard park
  • Drinking Water: Same as above
  • Transit Access: Sarasota buses stop nearby
  • Parking: Free parking lots in park
  • Night Access: Open at night but track is not lit
  • Nearby Attractions: Downtown Sarasota: Fit to Run (running store), don’t miss C’est La Vie, my favorite French bakery and cafe

I live in Sarasota Florida for part of the year and occasionally I want to run on a track. Unlike Canada where high school tracks are accessible I found that the gates were padlocked … no way  for me to run on the tracks when school was not in sessions. However there is a pretty good alternative for you if you are a runner living in or visiting Sarasota and want use of a track.

Nature and red clay

Nature and red clay

Payne Park, just south of downtown Florida and a decent run or walk from my condo.

Payne Park has a LOT more attractions beside the half mile long track too. A favorite with my family is a skateboard park.

My first acquaintance with the park was in an event to raise money for Southern Guide Dogs in a walkathon around the track. I have back many times since.

Here is a link to tripadvisor that explains more about the park and you can see the exact location on their map.