Yonge Street Toronto

Sporting Life 10K – Running Down Yonge Street

  • Difficulty: East
  • Terrain:   road
  • Length: 10km
  • Flow: Great
  • Scenery: Center of Toronto
  • Safety Issues:  none
  • Bathrooms: ample port-o-pottos
  • Drinking water: yes
  • Transit Access: yes
  • Parking: Lots of parking on side streets
  • Night Access: n/a
  • Special Features: Main North South Street of Toronto closed just for you. Route is downhill so great for a personal best
  • Nearby Attractions: Eatons Center (retail), Toronto Entertainment District, Rogers Center (Toronto Blue Jays baseball), Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada and more!


Yonge Street is Toronto’s main drag. It goes from the southern boundary of the city at Lake Ontario to cottage country around Lake Simcoe. I always thought that Yonge Street was the longest street in the world and it used to be listed as such in the Guinness Book of World Records but it turns us that this was an error. In any case the race goes down Yonge Street from quite close to Yonge and Eglinton, often called Young and Eligible around here. I will leave the reason for the nickname to your imagination.


Me in lovely pink jacket running down Yonge Street near my apartment

The course is lovely for several reason. A good piece of it is downhill and you pass some of Toronto’s most famous landmarks along the way. This includes tourist sites like Fort York, the Blue Jay’s stadium (Toronto’s baseball team), the major downtown shopping district including the Eatons Center and of course my apartment.

camp ooch

The race is a fundraiser for Camp Ooch, a camp for children with cancer.

This is no small race – there were approximately 18,700 runners this year so of course the race goes off in waves.  Fortunately I am in a later wave and can sleep in a little. The first few waves have to be in their corral by 7:15 am. I however get to sleep in.

As this is a point to point race you most likely have to get back from the finish to somewhere else.  The race organized with the TTC (Toronto Transit Service) to pick up runners and take them to the subway. You do have to pay for a subway ticket but one fare gets you anywhere in the Toronto transit system.

One of the features of the race for me was that I ran past very near my house. My husband was waiting outside and took pictures. But the best part was to get that boost I get when I know he is cheering me on.

I am a pretty slow runner but getting faster and I tied a personal best doing this race.

Altogether one of my favourites.