Race: Venice St. Patty’s Day 8k

Date: March 12, 2016

Sponsored by the YMCA of Venice.

I have never before run an 8K and that was part of what made this race attractive. I would have a Personal Best and all I had to do was finish the race.

Venice is a cute little city. Sarasota where I live in the winter sits between Venice and Bradenton. All three cities are on the Pacific Ocean. Venice has a young vibe and the saying around here is

Venice is where you live.

Sarasota is where your parent live.

Bradenton is where their parents live.

It is situated on the Pacific Ocean and its beach is big and beautiful. One attraction is a huge fishing pier.

And on Friday when we went to pick up my racing kit we saw a young woman net a very large fish. Actually the seeing the fish wiggling made me feel sad.

The beach is noted for its “sharks teeth”. You use a sand shifter and you can find them – triangular and large, fossilized shark’s teeth. Apparently it is the best place in the world to find them.

The Pier


At the entrance to the beach from the parking lot is Sharkeys, a bar and restaurant and a sponsor of the race.






On race day quite a few racers came dressed “in the green” and Ray took some pictures of some of them.



The race course was along the beach road and then along a canal. I never felt far from water and we were always on pavement. Cars were allowed on one side of the road but only one or two of them came by.

venice4Ray caught me on film at the end of the race




I wasn’t the only hot tired runner.




As usual I made some mistakes. Will I never run a perfect race? One thing that wasn’t really my fault was that I created a music playlist for the race. When I turned on my ipod I just played all music because my playlist was the only music but somehow there were far fewer songs in all music then in my playlist and I kept hearing the same songs over and over … finally I mucked around with the buttons and eventually moved to the St Patty’s Day playlist which was much better. Well at least this didn’t cost much time. I also forgot to bring dry clothes for after the race. My racing clothes were sodden! Fortunately my friend Victoria had an extra shirt in her bag.

Victoria and me at the end of the race.venice6

Victoria took a picture of Ray and meOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The food at Sharkey’s looked amazing. A huge hot breakfast was included with the race. Nonrunners could partake with a $5 donation to the YMCA.

But Ray wanted to try out a breakfast restaurant in Nokomis, a town on the way back to Sarasota. The Breakfast Cottage had rave reviews. There was a long wait but they provided coffee and chairs to sit on while you waited (and a washroom for me to change in). It was worth the wait. The place was cute and they were able to meet my requests for the exact breakfast I wanted, crisp bacon, one pancake, scrambled egg and coffee. All good.

The only downside of this race was no medal. I like a medal as a souvenir but in the few races where they don’t provide one I make one… in this case green beads and shamrocks.