Get a Hotel Near Your Running Route

I have learned that it is really wonderful to get a hotel near my planned running routes, walking distance is best, but easy transit access is also good. Looking back on various trips, I have found that having easy access to my running routes has been one of the key factors in enjoying my hotel and the place I am visiting.

Here are my reasons:

  • If I want to go for a run in the early morning, when other non-runners in my group are sleeping, I can.
  • If our group returns to the hotel for a rest, I always have the option to go for a run.
  • We don’t’ have to plan the day around me getting to my running route.
  • I don’t have to work hard to find where I am going so I just get to go out and enjoy my run.
  • I can usually get a cup coffee or a drink in the hotel before I go.
  • If I get sweaty or dirty, it is easy to come home and take a shower.
  • If I want to go in the morning I don’t have to get up as early if I am already close to my route.
  • If I need to use the bathroom at the end of my run there is one in my room.
  • I can go when the weather is bad, knowing I can get home quick to change, dry off, warm up or whatever I need.

Overall, I have found that staying near my running routes makes running easy, so I get to run and I am happy. In the last few years, these runs, when I am travelling have become some of my most cherished travel memories.

When I have stayed farther from my running routes I have had the opposite experiences. I find myself itching to go for my run. I have to work with my companions to plan a run into our day, which may involve them finding something else to do so I can get to my run, run, return, shower and be ready to regroup. Even when I am on my own, it is just more of a hassle, and as a result, I won’t get out to run as often or enjoy it as much.

In my experience it is often not that far out of my way to stay near a running route compared to where I might stay anyways. It might be just a little further this way or that. As long as I stay on a major transit route I have not found that it makes getting to tourists destinations an issue. In some cities, the best runs are near these tourist destinations (e.g. monuments, palace gardens etc.) so it’s really just a slight shift of location, something to consider as you book your room.

A search for Hotels near the Ring Route, Vienna, Austria

So, here’s what I do. First, I try to pick a few special running routes for my trip. You can look them up here at We Can Run Away, but I had to search the web high and low! Usually I would find 2 running routes I wanted to do. I would determine if they were close to transit. Transit access must be very easy, like a single metro ride or bus. Then I would use a hotel search program with a map to find hotels that were within walking distance and/or easy transit of my planned running routes. I would look at hotel reviews with my map area and find a hotel. In several places, I have been lucky to find an excellent hotel within walking distance of one running route and easy transit to another. If you read my running route posts, I have linked to hotels near running routes that I have stayed in and liked, or I have heard good things about.

When I wake up early on a trip, get my running stuff on and walk out onto the street, I often feel like a local, I have that moment where I am not a tourist but just one of the morning crowd. As I get closer to my running route and runners converge, I blend in, just another runner. In that moment I have a special experience, it’s like I have a glimpse of what it feels like to live there, to be one of them, to see this everyday, but at the same time, I feel myself soaking it all in, etching images in my brain that will forever remind me of why the place is unique and special. So, stay near your run, and make it easy to make the best run travel memories!

Up for an epic early morning run in in the Garden of Schönbrunn Palace Vienna, Austria... an easy transit ride from our hotel

Up for an epic early morning run in in the Garden of Schönbrunn Palace Vienna, Austria… an easy transit ride from our hotel